The Secrets to Keeping Visitors On Your Site and How to Make Them Keep Coming Back For More

How do you keep visitors on your site longer once they’ve clicked through from a search result? Here’s the lowdown that will help boost your online profits:

We all want to get our site to the top of Google but

Instagram – How Your Business Can Successfully Use Instagram

Standing out from the crowd on Instagram is essential. We share our top tips to help your business to attract thousands of followers and build your brand to gain more customers on this very successful social media network.


Why You Absolutely Must Build an Online Community for Your Business

There is a really big difference between an audience and a community. An audience is one-way. It is not interactive. It isn’t social. An audience

passively watches or reads. An audience doesn’t participate. Or share with others. It just

How to Make the Most of Social Media Sites and Stay Sane at the Same time

A few years ago, nobody really understood the power of using social media for their business. These days everyone from the government to your local restaurant has an online presence on a number of social networks.

If it is

Make Your Newsletter Informative and Helpful

Not so long ago I signed up for a newsletter expecting that it would contain helpful articles, ideas and tips. However, instead of being informative it was boring and was packed with promotional stuff and sales pitches.

Don’t fall

Newsletters are profitable – but can be hard work

Newsletters are a very powerful and cost effective marketing tool. You will be able to announce new products, special offers, and drive traffic to your website with a compelling, friendly newsletter.

Your clients will appreciate you making the effort

Why Your Business Should Send Out a Regular Newsletter

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Include your website links in your company newsletter and it will encourage your readers and customers to check out what’s new which will increase website traffic. If you are consistent and regularly produce your newsletter

Reasons Why Your Online Business Should Send Out a Regular Newsletter to Your Customers

We all know that it is significantly less expensive to sell to an existing customer with repeat business that it is to try and acquire a new one.

However one of the biggest tasks facing many businesses today is gaining

Six ways to make your site mobile friendly

Here are six things to consider in making your website mobile-friendly:

1. Design with your customers in mind

When people visit your website from a mobile device such as a Smartphone or a tablet, what do they see? The browsing

Twitter will now show tweets from users you don’t follow

Get ready for a more cluttered timeline on Twitter.

Following outrage from users who were seeing tweets favourited by accounts they follow, in their own timelines, the social networking giant has officially listed the change on its help pages.

Twitter has