The Importance of Mobile Friendly Sites and What it Means for Your Business

Recent research has revealed that consumers spend 3.3 hours per day on their Smartphone’s. Therefore, it should come as no surprise, then, that 85% of Smartphone owners who were asked said that mobile is a central part of daily

The Beginners Guide to Getting On Google+

Facebook may be the largest online social network in the world with well over a billion users but it is not the biggest website. Knocking Facebook into second place is of course, search engine giant, Google.

That alone should make

How to Effectively use Google+ for your business

Add a +1 Button to Your Blog Posts

If you have a blog on your website be sure to add a +1 button widget to all of your posts so that your readers can share your content on Google+ easily.

Why Does Google+ Work so Well For Business?

Google dominates the Internet and it has a phenomenal amount of users. This fact alone makes Google+ an important place to be for your business.

Think about it for a moment. Everyone who has a Google account, for whichever

How to make your website visually attractive

Have you noticed how visual the web has become recently? Not so long ago the internet was nearly all text with the occasional picture thrown in that used to take forever to download. Now it is extremely visual

Online Marketing – Can your Business Afford to Be Without it?

If you are contemplating taking your business online the challenges and tasks can seem daunting. Online marketing is constantly evolving with new social media tools cropping up all of the time. It can be hard to keep up. You

Why online marketing will work for your business

Online marketing is perfect for your business because it is:

why_online_marketingAffordable: Because it is much cheaper than traditional marketing you can reach out to a wider audience that normally would have been

Online Marketing – Make Mobile Marketing Work for you

One of the things that has enabled the rapid growth of social media is the increased uptake of Smartphone’s, tablets and mobile web browsing.

Contemporary businessMore and more of us access the

The unwritten rules of social media

There are specific unwritten rules of using social media. It is important that you become familiar with them straightway as people get very upset if your break them. It is vital that you understand the culture of social media

Online Marketing Basics 101 – Why Online Marketing Works for Local Business

If you want to grow your business, how do you get the word about your product or service? By going where your market is – and these days, that’s online.

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