Search Engine Marketing – Create a Google Adwords Campaign

Google Adwords is an example of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. It is just as the name suggests: Each time someone clicks on one of your ads that show up on the ads section of the Google results page,

Search Engine Marketing – Simple steps to optimize your website

You can get a naturally high ranking for free, simply by making sure that your website is as optimised as possible for search engines. SEO (Search engine optimisation) had a bad name in the early days of the web

7 Great Reasons to use text marketing

Reason 1

7_great_resonsEngagement with your customers

Your customers carry their phones with them everywhere so it’s a simple, fast response way of making a direct connection with them, engaging with them and encouraging

5 Essentials of Small Business Marketing to Keep You Ahead of the Competition

5 Essentials of Small Business Marketing to Keep You Ahead of the Competition

Small business marketing is not for the faint of heart, especially for those of us living in New York City, but if you have been in marketing

Here’s how Google+ can separate you from your competition

Small business owners, not sure what google+ is and why you need to be there?

Google+ has thus far not been taken overly serious by businesses trying to market their products and services. This is swiftly changing! Google+ has now

Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes?

Don’t Make These Social Media Mistakes!

What not to do! Social media is a ripe land for making connections, as well as for offending and creating enemies. Knowing what you shouldn’t do in relation to social media is nearly as

5 Easy Steps to Get Your Business Mobile Ready

How Your Business Can Quickly Capitalize on the Mobile Computing Revolution

The web is going mobile, and it’s still not too late to climb aboard the mobile bandwagon and grab a piece of what is increasingly becoming a rather large

[Infographic]: Why B2B Businesses Should Leverage Social Media

Social media isn’t just for B2C businesses. Creating brand awareness and a personal connection with your target audience are just two of the many ways B2B businesses can benefit from the various forms of social media. Check out

Top 7 Ways to Delight and Engage Your Facebook Fans

You have a Facebook page. You have some fans. Nicely done. Now, like the smart business you are, you’re looking for some proven ways to engage your followers so you can acquire more of them and make the most

[Survey] Can Your Business Benefit from Marketing on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network that allows individuals and businesses to create online image collections—called “Pinboards”—and easily share them with other users. Is this hot and (relatively) new social media site a good tool for your Business? If you