Google Places Optimization, Local Search Domination

QuestionIn today’s online marketing world a website is not enough. As an owner of a business that depends on the customers in your local area hopefully you understand the importance and

Do You Have an Internet Marketing Plan?

Connect diverse people business or social networkI originally wrote this article for people who are interested in Internet marketing and not a local brick and mortar business. I decided to share

Tips for Video Marketing

Website marketing development conceptWith a simple webcam on your computer, or an inexpensive flip camera, I like the Kodak products myself; you can create effective video messages that will out rank

What is Mobile Marketing

MobileReadyPeople are asking, “what is mobile marketing” It is really pretty simple, mobile phones are the most loved devices on the planet and smartphones can connect to the Internet. As a

Social Media for Local Business

Icons of social network over white backgroundA small business that invests its time wisely in Social Media can improve customer (or client) loyalty and word of mouth marketing efforts, as social

Google Places, Can Your Business be Found?

Google Places.

This content is dated as Google Places is being replaced by Google Plus Local. This is the nature of the online world, always getting updated, creating many new changes

The LinkedIn Factor

imagesLinkedIn Is Your New Best Friend. Here’s Why
LinkedIn is the Rodney Dangerfield of social media: in spite of 200 million highly influential members, it gets no respect. Even though it is

14 Easy Ways To Improve Your Website Today

Depositphotos_6831090_originalMany of the clients we speak to have spent huge amounts of money on their websites but are unhappy with the results. The majority don’t do anything about it as they

How to Use #Hashtags on Twitter

Meet the hashtag “#”

TwitGroup-FollowIt doesn’t look like much, but if you use Twitter and haven’t mastered the hashtag yet, it is soon going to be your new best friend.

Let’s face

Boost Your Rankings, Engage In Social Media

social-mediaWhy It’s Essential to Engage in Social Media

Way back in the day (last year) it was a relatively simple undertaking to rank your pages in Google’s search results. Optimize the pages,