Do You Have an Internet Marketing Plan?

Connect diverse people business or social networkI originally wrote this article for people who are interested in Internet marketing and not a local brick and mortar business. I decided to share it on this site which has a more of a focus on the local search marketing for store front businesses, because the same principals apply and if you are taking your local business to the Internet, then I am sure you will find value in this article.

If you are reading this page, you have an interest in Internet marketing. Most people who want to make money on the internet think that it can lead to getting rich quick. Well it can lead to getting rich, but the quick part is usually not the case. The first question is, do you have an Internet marketing plan.

Too many Internet marketers are simply preying on people who innocently look to Internet marketing to replace their day job or just make some extra money. They giveaway some slick report to get you on their list and then they market the heck out of you, telling you to buy this product and that product that will make you a gazillion dollars in 3 days. In most cases, they have not even used the product they are trying to sell. And that is their Internet marketing plan, to market you. There is just no integrity to this form of marketing at all. So many innocent people get swept up into these schemes.
The worst part of this is that people who are new to Internet marketing get sucked in, spend money, go nowhere and then just wind up giving up. All they needed was some good direction. But because they got scammed, they give up thinking making money on the Internet is not real.

This does not have to happen to you. But first you will need to realize a couple of things.

It Takes Work

The truth is if you are not willing to put forth effort to learn and implement, you may as well give up your thoughts of making money online. The learning is easy, but you have to keep it up because thing are changing every day. The implementation is easy too, but it must be consistent. It all takes time, and lots of it. I do not know anyone who is a successful Internet marketer that has not worked their butt off.

So if you are OK with that, then you are in the right place. I will do my best to keep you up to speed with what’s new in Internet marketing and I will do my best to show you ways to implement. You will also get help with your Internet marketing plan here as you will be exposed to many aspects of the business.

There are many Avenues to Making Money Online

There are so many ways to make money online, affiliate marketing, CPA offers, website flipping membership sites, PPC, blogging , the list is really never ending and when you start to pay attention to this marketing space, you will start to uncover more than the normal brain can handle. Many have fallen away because of all of these choices. They simply get overwhelmed and cannot grab onto anything because they are all over the board. They call it information overload. They try to focus, but get distracted by the next shiny new thing.

My best advice to you is to be aware that the information overload monster is real and you have to be bigger than it. How do you do that? Develop an Internet marketing plan. Be willing to adjust your sails when the wind shifts, but stay on a solid course, and always stay in integrity.

Social Media

Over the past few years, social media has become the biggest part of the Internet. It has also been very good for those who want to make money on the Internet too. These days, if you want to be an Internet marketer, you have to be up on social media too, and not just dabble in it but participate on a daily bases and on mutable platforms. This is yet another way for the information overload monster to crush your dreams. I will say it again; you have to be bigger than the overload. Have your plan, stay on course, and adjust your sails.

My hope for you is that you will find your Internet marketing plan. I will make myself available to help you discover it. I cannot promise that you will find your fortune in Internet marketing but I can promise you will find information that will take you to the level of understanding this space. It is an exciting time. The Internet is just a teenager, and as someone recently said, not even old enough to have sex. So there is great potential for you here.