Increase Your Sales! Make Them Laugh!

Get Some Laughs and Some Sales at the Same Time!

Plain and simple – humor sells. It puts people in a good frame of mind and essentially disarms them to the point where they forget you’re actually trying to sell them something. Art Linkletter wasn’t joking when he opined that laughter is the best medicine, and it might be exactly the prescription your business is looking for!
Increase Your Sales
4 great ways to use humor in your marketing!

Take advantage of pop culture – This is a generation that has largely left the evening news behind, favoring the likes of Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert and the other late night mavens that have built careers around the daily misfortunes of celebrities, sports stars and politicians. It’s all fair game, so don’t hesitate to use your share if you can find ways to make it humorous. Getting your audience smiling and in good spirits from the very beginning can go a long way toward helping build rapport with them.

Make a funny video – Portraying your products or services in a humorous light will get people looking forward to your videos wanting to know what you’ll do next. Making videos doesn’t have to be a major production either. Use your smartphone! The camera quality in smartphones keeps getting better and better making them a perfect tool for the job. Another great tactic here is to use animated videos. Go!Animate has an easy to use app that lets you make your videos quickly. It also provides text-to-speech functionality.

Create a visual mashup – A good way to take advantage of both humor and the wicked hot photo-sharing world is to generate a humorous meme. They’re just about required on Facebook, and can be a great ice breaker. Plus, memes are highly sharable all over the place through Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and other sites.

Use humor in your content – Don’t be shy about getting a little edgy with your content. The payoff will likely be that people will see you as more like them, and not just some stodgy company bent on selling them a product. The better you connect on a shared (and funny!) level, the better people will like you and share your posts.