Make Your Newsletter Informative and Helpful

Not so long ago I signed up for a newsletter expecting that it would contain helpful articles, ideas and tips. However, instead of being informative it was boring and was packed with promotional stuff and sales pitches.

Don’t fall into the same trap with your newsletter.

Yes, you want your newsletter to carry some promotional information but it also needs to be informative and helpful. Your subscribers don’t want to read one sales pitch after another and you will be wasting a valuable opportunity if that is all you decide to provide for them.

Make your message compelling

It is easy to express our enthusiasm when we are taking face to face with somebody, particularly if it is a friend but it is a lot harder to convey the same enthusiasm in writing.

For example, if a friend was raving about an exciting movie they had seen or a delicious meal they had eaten they will sound excited, animated and vibrant. But if you were to ask them to put their feelings down in writing, in most cases it would come across much flatter and less enthusiastic and infectious. It simply would not sound like them at all or convey how they really feel about something

This is the challenge that you have when you create your newsletter. You need to find your own voice and get your message across in a way that is distinctive and authentic.

This can be hard to do if you are sat in front of a computer screen and are not sure what to write or how to get your message across.

A good tip is to record is to Skype or FaceTime a friend or relative and get them to ask you questions about your product and service or anything else that you were planning on putting in your newsletter. Forget about saying the ‘right’ words and just speak as you normally would. Record the conversation and then transcribe what you said at the end.

It might sound like an unconventional and long-winded way to go about things but it is much more enjoyable than trying to write a boring newsletter that takes you a few days to write but still comes across as too formal and boring.