Online Marketing – Can your Business Afford to Be Without it?

If you are contemplating taking your business online the challenges and tasks can seem daunting. Online marketing is constantly evolving with new social media tools cropping up all of the time. It can be hard to keep up. You might be wondering if it is even worth taking your business online. However, the question you should be asking is, can your business afford to be without it?

Finance illustrationSocial Media is Mainstream – Are you Up To Speed?

Over the months we have covered the importance of social media in this publication. As little as 2 years ago local businesses took a lot of persuading to get involved with social media. It was seen as a fad and most people thought that it would be replaced by something else.

Today, there is no longer that battle between social media and mainstream marketing. Social media IS the mainstream. Both Titter and Facebook each have over a billion users and people are spending more time on social networks than they do on email.

Concentrate on Making Your Business Findable!

Just because ‘everyone else is doing it’ isn’t normally a compelling enough reason to do something but if your competitors are on Twitter and Facebook and you’re not, you may be missing out.

More importantly, it is more than likely that the very people you are trying to reach out to are on these sites.

If your customers (or potential customers) are using social media sites, you need to use it too.

The staggering figures that were mentioned earlier, speak for themselves: social media sites are not a fad and they are not going to go away. A broad range of people use these sites and some of them will be your ideal target customers and prospects so it makes sense to make your business findable. If you can make your products or services easy to find online then you are halfway there.

There is no doubt about it; social media is mainstream. If you’re not using it yet then we can stress enough how much you need to get up to speed …and fast.

The good news is that you don’t need to do everything and it is easy to learn some of the basics. We will show you which bits to focus on and why.

The Social Web

We all use the Internet to connect with our friends, express our personalities and opinions, publish our photos or watch a video. Online marketing has become social too.

Having a presence on social media sites is a necessary for all businesses but that is only part of the story. Yes, you might have squillions of followers but are they buying anything? We have seen so many businesses get carried away by how many followers they have and they totally forget why they are on social networks in the first place – that is to engage with their community and build their brand.

If you want your business to succeed online you need to ensure that you have a web presence on the main social websites so that your business can be found in the places your customers spend their online time. Social media is perfect for building relationships with your customers. It generates customer loyalty and increases sales.