Search Engine Marketing – Simple steps to optimize your website

You can get a naturally high ranking for free, simply by making sure that your website is as optimised as possible for search engines. SEO (Search engine optimisation) had a bad name in the early days of the web because people were seen as abusing the system and trying to trick Google into giving you a high ranking.

serch_engine_marketingGoogle is wise to that now and is a lot more sophisticated. They come down heavy on any website that attempts to cheat the system by hiding keywords invisibly on your website or any of the other blackhat methods.

It is counterproductive anyway because you don’t simply want traffic because you are top of the Google list. You want people to visit your website because what you have to offer is relevant to what people are searching for.

Google delivers the results that are the best match for its searchers and you will get visitors that are genuinely interested in buying from you. It is a win-win situation.

The first step is to make sure your website contains the right content and code for Google to know that your site is relevant to people searching for specific keywords.

Things to particularly pay attention to are:

Page titles: Ensure that you give each page its own unique and descriptive title.

Page descriptions: These show up in Google search results rather than on your site and it provides the potential visitor more information about your site.

URL’s: make sure they include keywords (e.g. Blogs are great for this as the title of a blog post usually shows up in the URL.

Website Content: Think about the headings you use in articles and the text you use as links. Choose something descriptive instead of simply the words ‘Click Here’, Have something like “To find out to lose a dress size in a week click here”. Also, don’t forget to tag your images with text. Google will be able to see this but not your visitors.