[Survey] Can Your Business Benefit from Marketing on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network that allows individuals and businesses to create online image collections—called “Pinboards”—and easily share them with other users. Is this hot and (relatively) new social media site a good tool for your Business? If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, chances are Pinterest will be a great addition to your social media marketing mix.

1. Do You Want More Website Traffic?survey_can_your_business

Pinterest drives more traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn—combined. And according to a user poll conducted by marketing firm SteelHouse, Pinterest users are twice as likely to buy stuff than Facebook users.

2. Do You Have a Unique and Fun Company Culture?

Pinterest is a great way to show the world what a cool and fun company you have. It just so happens, people prefer to buy from (and work at) companies they admire! Lots of businesses post “behind the scenes” images of their employees and customers in action: using their products, drinking beers at happy hour, etc.

3. Are Your Customers and Target Market Already Pinning?

Pinterest has over 10 million users, so it’s highly likely that your customers are using the site. What’s more, Pinterest users are an influential bunch: they’re predominantly women (although guys are joining up, too), young (the 25-34 age group is the biggest) and wealthy (28 percent have a household income over $100k).

4. Would You Like More Market/Brand Awareness?

Did I mention that Pinterest is a MAJOR driver of traffic? What’s more, users are addicted: comScore data reveals they average 89 minutes per month on the site. (Google+ users average only 3 minutes/month.) My point? Pinterest is a bustling place, and if you’re looking to raise awareness, you should consider going where the action is!

5. Is Your Product Line and/or Industry Photogenic?

Do you sell things? Physical things? Then you might want to post photos of your products on Pinterest! According to a study by Bizrate Insights, 70% of users say they log in to Pinterest to “find inspiration on what to buy.”

6. Does Your Team Have Untapped Creative Potential?

Pinterest is a place where you can let your creative juices flow freely, even if you’re in an industry not typically associated with creativity or visual flair. Hey, if a plumbing franchise in Waco, Texas can have fun with Pinterest and make people laugh, you can too!

7. Does Your Company Create Valuable Content for Customers?

Why not pin video tutorials and how-tos on your pinboards? If you operate a bar or restaurant, post recipes! Pinterest is an excellent way to leverage the high-value content you’re creating for your customers.

Did You Say “Yes” to the Questions?

If you did, here’s how to score your Pinterest Fit:

1–2 yeses: You should seriously consider Pinterest for your business. You know you want to try it on for size.
3–4 yeses: Pinterest is a really good fit for your business. Pin away!
5–7 yeses: Your business and Pinterest are a perfect fit – like peanut butter and jelly!

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