Why Does Google+ Work so Well For Business?

Google dominates the Internet and it has a phenomenal amount of users. This fact alone makes Google+ an important place to be for your business.

Think about it for a moment. Everyone who has a Google account, for whichever Google product they use, now has a link at the top right of their Google page that notifies them of Google+ updates and allows them to access the profile of whoever they are communicating with.

In addition, many websites now use the ‘+1’ social media button to enable people to post content to their Google+ accounts. It is already embedded in the browsing experience of over half a billion people and you can reach them by having a presence on Google+.

There are some very useful ways that your business can engage with people on Google+, including business pages and topic based communities.

The main benefits for businesses using Google+ are is the way that it makes a huge impact on search results and drives traffic to your website. Let’s discuss these in more detail:

Search Benefits

A main benefit of having a Google+ account (even if you never use it) is for the search engine benefit.

Because Google+ is owned by Google, which page is do you think is going to appear first if someone types your name or business name in the search engine? Yes, it will be YOUR business page on Google+.

Google+ works closely with Google to improve its search engine results pages through the information it is able to collect from your business social circle. Not only can Google see what your share with your friends and customers but it can also see how you interact with them. It can promote search results that people have +1’ed for example. So the more interaction you have the higher the rankings for you and your business website.

Traffic Benefits

Google+ +1 buttons appear in Google’s search results and can also be embedded in websites. The +1 count that is displayed on each button refers to the number of people who have +1’ed that specific web page and it helps people to see how popular certain web pages are even without visiting them.

It shows how important it is for your business to use the +1 social bookmaking button because statistics prove that websites who use it get 3 and half times more traffic from Google+ than those that don’t use it.

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