Why online marketing will work for your business

Online marketing is perfect for your business because it is:

why_online_marketingAffordable: Because it is much cheaper than traditional marketing you can reach out to a wider audience that normally would have been beyond your marketing budget. Not many small businesses can afford national and International marketing in the traditional press and media.

Effective: People now spend more time online. You can use online marketing to reach your target audience.

Personal: Online tools such as blogging and podcasting are personal media. As a small business owner you can use them to gain instant credibility and offer the personal touch that larger businesses would struggle to do.

It makes perfect business sense for you to take your business online because most of your customers spend more and more time online, particularly on social media sites.

Here are some specific reasons why online marketing would work for your business:

Drive traffic to your site: A website is the hub of any online business and the aim of online marketing is to drive traffic to it so that potential customers can find you and buy from you.

New and effective ways to connect with your target audience: By establishing a presence on social media sites you will be able to become more visible, not only to your existing clients who are there but also to a brand new set of prospects.

Build Trust: It doesn’t matter what business you are in, people always prefer to do business with people they trust and know. Your clients and customers can get to know you through your online presence.

Start a conversation: This strategy alone is what makes traditional marketing so old fashioned and less effective. You can easily have a two way dialogue with your customers and prospects online which is much more effective than a one-way broadcast of your marketing message in a traditional advertising campaign.

Create value: Part of the secret of online marketing is creating useful content and giving it away. If you can create useful resources or interesting content targeted at your niche audience they will keep coming back for more and will become loyal customers by buying from you. (For some top tips please contact us and we will give you brilliant suggestions).

Build Communities: Think of your market as a community and build your business with your community in mind. This will ensure customer loyalty.

Provide quick up-to-date information: The internet makes it so easy for you to get your news out there. You can easily and quickly inform your audience about your new services, products, special offers and promotions. Twitter is particularly good for this.

Data capture: Building a database of potential customers is a core aim of your email marketing campaign. Social media makes it very easy to convert passive followers to sign up to your mailing list.

Market Research: This is another very useful strategy. You can use social media to ask customers for feedback on your products and services or even create online questionnaires. It engages your customers and the feedback you receive will only improve your business.

Low-cost, Low risk and effective: Most of the tools are available for free or are quite cheap. The investment generally comes in the amount of time you need to run your online marketing campaign which is why so many small businesses outsource it to experts who can speed up the whole process. The risks of using social media and communicating openly with your market are low (so long as you follow the online etiquette expected in social media communities. Follow our simple tips in this article and again, give us a call as we can guide you through the process). The benefits of online marketing far outweigh the time and investment needed to run a successful campaign and will result in much bigger profits.